Singer Olivia Newton-John, who has been battling breast cancer, is seen for the first time since reports claimed her body is ‘shutting down’ and that she is ‘clinging to life’ so she can see her daughter Chloe’s wedding day.
There was a pretty brutal report the other day that the star was on her deathbed.  The story was so wildly covered, that Olivia herself, felt the need to post a video on her Twitter page to calm fears.

The “Grease” star emerged from her home near Santa Barbara at lunchtime on Wednesday to go to the Brothers Restaurant at the Red Barn for lunch with her husband, John Easterling.

The couple enjoyed a leisurely hour-long meal, including a specialty dessert. Olivia was overheard saying, ‘Go on then!’ when asked if she wanted to try the warm chocolate truffle cake. She and John sat at the bar chatting and eating while watching the TV.
They also chatted to the barmaid about how she spent Christmas and New Year. Afterward, John drove the couple to a nearby grocery store and bought a bag of groceries. Olivia sat in their SUV and applied some lipstick while chatting on her cell phone. They then drove back to their ranch.

Glad to see she’s OK.

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