Modern Family‘ actress, Sofia Vergara, is seen out to dinner at Craig’s after an old clip of her and Gordon Ramsay resurfaced where he made some racy comments about her on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno‘.

The interview shows Chef Ramsay making comments about how loud she screams in bed and eluding to a sexual act when she was talking to Jay Leno about how she eats a pizza.

Gordon Ramsay – ‘You seemed like you were enjoying that [pizza], you had the whole wedge in your mouth at one time?’

Sofia Vergara replies – ‘Yes, Yes’

Gordon Ramsay – ‘You haven’t heard of a knife and fork?’

Sofia Vergara replies – ‘You don’t eat pizza with a knife and a fork!’

Gordon Ramsy asks coyly – ‘You just pick it up and stick it in?!’

Sofia Vergara, at this point, realizes what Gordon Ramsay is eluding to and doesn’t comment about pizza anymore.

In spite of the recent backlash towards Ramsay’s sexual comments towards her, Sofia isn’t letting it bother her,  she walked out of dinner in a designer tiger print coat, black lace blouse, blue jeans, and black pumps.


Sofia Vergara Gets in a Little Retail Therapy