Shia LaBeouf and his mother, Shayna Saide, are spotted out and about at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in Park City. put together a list of 5 important facts you should know about his mom. Head on over to their site to read more in-depth.

1. Brooklyn-based Saide Supports Herself a By Working As a Visual Artist

2. Saide Raised LaBeouf By Herself After She & The Future Actor’s Father Split When He Was Just 3 Years Old.

3. Saide Is Reportedly a Sexual Assault Survivor; LaBeouf Suffers From PTSD As a Result of His Mother’s Alleged Rape.

4. Saide Has Been LaBeouf’s Rock Throughout His Struggled With Alcoholism & Anger Management.

5. LaBeouf, a Method Actor, Was Allegedly The Victim of Sexual Assault By a Female Fan When He Was Violated During a Piece of Performance Art

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