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Victoria Beckham went nuclear when she found out her eldest son went on a date with Rita Ora back in May of 2017 when he was only 18 and she was 26 –  according to a story from The Sun.
These are the photos of that alleged date night pop superstar Rita Ora was spotted enjoying a low-key dinner with model Brooklyn Beckham at The Diner in Notting Hill, London.
Despite being 8 years older, Rita and Brooklyn seemed to have a great time, and spent around an hour inside the venue.
Brooklyn was seen drinking a beer while laughing and smiling at the singer, as she sat opposite of him.
Rita seemed to want to keep a low profile as she exited the restaurant,  by hiding her face with her coat and hand.
Also present at the dinner was personal trainer Bobby Rich, who took Brooklyn’s car keys and drove the car around the block, while Brooklyn ran out of a side door and then jumped into the car.
Bobby then drove off in the car, although it was not clear whether he was insured to drive Brooklyn’s car, or if he had also been drinking alcohol.
Where or not there’s still bad blood, we can’t confirm. There’s photo so David Beckham hugging Rita three months after these photos were shot. So we are guessing, not so much.

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