Lagencia Grosby / BACKGRID

WARNING: Photos could contain spoilers depending on where you’re at in the series.

Netflix‘s monster hit La Casa de Papel was filming it’s upcoming season in the streets of Madrid, Spain a few days ago.  The production crew shut down numerous streets of the city and enlisted the help of hundreds of extras to film a mob scene.

During filming, actors Úrsula Corberó, Jaime LorenteEsther Acebo and Darko Peric can be seen wearing military fatigues and crawling in an out of a tank while shooting a scene outside the “Banco de España.”

Netflix recently confirmed the new season of it’s most-watched non-English-language series known outside Spanish-speaking markets as Money Heist.

This next installment of the show will be solely for the streaming giant. The Spanish series’ original creator, Alex Pina, is also returning for Part 3, which will run in 2019.

If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon just yet, let’s just say, you’re missing out. The show centers around a man who calls himself “The Professor” and bands together eight criminals for the heist of a lifetime.

They’re objective is to rob the royal mint of Spain, take a bunch of hostages and print $2 billion Euros in the process and attempt to make a clean getaway.  There’s some sex scenes, lots of guns and a ton of money. What could go wrong?

The thrill of the show is cheering on the lovable bad guys. We’ve already said too much and probably ruined enough with all these awesome set photos. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.