Proud papa Josh Brolin played doting dad as he carried his baby girl Westlyn Reign Brolin on his shoulder as mom, Kathryn Boyd, kept a close eye.

The Avengers: Endgame actor carefully carried his 3-month-old daughter after dining at OLLO restaurant in Malibu with his wife.

Boyd was seen shielding the baby’s face from the sun as the happy couple walked back to the car.  She was dressed in a black sweater, black pants, black boots, and printed scarf while Josh was casually dressed in a green baseball cap, black tee, blue denim, and black shoes.

He was previously married to actress Diane Lane and had a string of stints in rehab before meeting Kathryn and having baby Westlyn. He has two other kids from his first marriage with Alice Adair and none with ex-wife Diane Lane.

Long gone are the late nights of partying, those have now been replaced with time with his wife and daughter.

Brolin is such a proud papa that he likes to share updates of his daughter on his Instagram attached to poetry and lyrics to songs.

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Mozart Requiem. Sequenz (Amen). Her in my arms, in my hands, lifted from below, resting forward her chin onto the soft, smile between my thumb and index finger. Her hair wild as if she has written a requiem of her own. We lift and slowly descend with the choir, then lift again with the violins, fluctuating slightly upwardly. They start to affect the cells and cries become slow whimpers and the music permeates, settling her into a trance that only the greatest written music can. It corrals you, takes you by the hand, and pulls you through a sweet breath into the throat of a heaven made of panda whispers and stuffed animal gosling. It renders you weightless and allows you to grab on to Jonathon Seagull’s wing for a moment until the Mach descent frightens you too much, so you drift onto another bar of celestial rhythms until, again, it lifts you closer and closer to the moon. You see wildernesses below as they were, going about their businesses, but there you are orbiting them at a cleft’s speed only to settle when the violin’s bow brushes with its last hair and you realize there is no wind. Your eyes are open, a slight breath coming into and from your minute nostrils, while you stare at Carl, your angel friend who comes with you wherever you go, and you see him, again, wooing you, maybe even doing a backflip with his little wings and you slightly startle out of your reverie and you smile a smile only a baby can; it is a smile that, from the pain of childbirth, can only be reached having touched something that we will seek to touch again and again for the rest of our lives.

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The actor recently shared a sweet snap of baby Westlyn with none other than the baby’s uber famous grandmother, singer, Barbara Streisand.

Josh has a lot of projects in the works including the final installment of The Avengers series The Avengers: Endgame coming out on April 16.