Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Glanville got the boys all riled when a alleged game of friendly slap-ass with Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback, Brett Hundley, pissed off her date.

The reality star was seen dancing, enjoying some drinks and lots of PDA with her unidentified male companion at Pinz bowling alley in Studio City on Monday night. According to eyewitnesses, Brandi appeared to be directing quite a bit of attention toward a group of guys, one of which included the Seahawks QB, who was bowling just three lanes down from where she was.

At one point, Brandi and a pal headed to the bar for drinks and the nearby group of guys followed. Brandi engaged in a flirty exchange with one of them, according to a friend in Hundley’s group, who was present and witnessed the exchange.

Brandi reportedly told Brett he was sexy and slapped his butt. Here’s were things got heated, as she headed back to her lane, Hundley allegedly came by and playfully returned the gesture by slapping her backside as well.

The witness says at that point Brandi’s male companion saw the exchange and immediately lost his cool on Hundley and the group of guys. Hundley was quickly whisked away by his friends to avoid any further confrontation.

One of Hundley’s friends explained to our eyewitness that Brandi’s flirting sent mixed messages, and Hundley was simply returning the playful gesture.

In the video you can see that , Brandi had to hold back her date while attempting to calm down him down.  During the yelling, Pinz security attempted to diffuse the situation and ultimately wound up moving Hundley and his group a few lanes further away from Brandi and her friends.  Throughout the evening Brandi could be seen sipping on a drink and dancing provocatively.

We reached out to Brandi for comment and she denied any incident saying, “Honestly there was no issue at Pinz, I wasn’t on a date, I was with friends and I don’t even know where this story is coming from. There wasn’t any issue.’’

Pinz also denied to comment on the story.  Attempts to contact Hundley’s people have been unsuccessful.