Clint Brewer / BACKGRID

Photos have surfaced showing Jennifer Garner moving into her new MASSIVE house in the Pacific Palisades, and honestly, we’re pretty jealous of this kickass estate.

The Palisades is a Los Angeles neighborhood that Tyra Banks, Rihanna, and Conan O’Brien also call home — this palace fits right in. It’s a pretty traditional style but it’s huge at more than 10,500 square feet. With eight bathrooms and six bedrooms, a pool, and a freaking elevator, this place could be just what Garner needed.

For Jen, the move comes after a long divorce settlement from ex husband Ben Affleck. The two were married for ten years, separated in 2015, and just finalized everything last December. Admittedly this new place is a downgrade from her previous nine bedroom home, (in the same neighborhood), but it should still host plenty of space for her and her three children.

There’s also the possibility that the lease of this property represents an intermediary step in Garner’s love life. More and more frequently, she and businessman John Miller are seen reveling in their new romance.  

Garner has recently spoken publicly on the transitions becoming a megastar entailed throughout her relationship with Affleck. Now, as Garner enters her next phase, the Love, Simon actor has a new beau and a six car garage to adapt to — she may end up coming out better from their break up than than Affleck does.

In any case, the place is beautiful Jen, congratulations, and don’t hesitate to invite the Pipeline team for when you finish decorating — keep living life and making your statement.   

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