Actor Bradley Cooper has so much to be happy about after his directorial debut movie, A Star Is Born, has amassed numerous award nominations including 11 Oscar nominations and 4 Grammy nominations.

There’s one thing that still gets Bradley down, and that’s thinking about his dad, Charles Cooper, who passed away from cancer in 2011.

Bradley and his wife Irina Shayk arrived at JFK airport ready to catch a flight out wearing winter clothes for their flight out of town.  He was seen in a blue puffer jacket, blue denim button-down shirt, black tee, black jeans, and his favorite Nike sneakers.  She was wearing a long black peacoat, black turtleneck sweater, black jeans, and black combat boots.

Bradley was in NYC to do an interview with Willie Geist of the Today show.  Cooper made many revelations to Geist, including one of the main driving forces behind him taking up directing was that he was getting snubbed by his favorite directors and felt he needed to make his opportunities since they weren’t being given to him.

‘There were a bunch of directors that I have dreamt of working with, they just weren’t asking me to do movies, out of frustration, almost, I said I gotta do it myself’

During the interview with Geist, Bradley shed a tear for his dad, Charles Cooper, who passed away in his arms of cancer in 2011.

When Willie asked ‘The Star Is Born’ director, “Do you think about what your dad would think about where you are in your career right now?” he took a pause and said, “yeah! sure, yeah,” he continued, “I don’t know, that’s part of life [death], yeah.”  He then rubbed his chin holding back the tears as much as he could before Geist asked, “he was your guy?” tearful Cooper replies, “Yeah.”

Cooper will be attending the BAFTA awards on Feb. 10, while Lady Gaga will be attending the 2019 Grammy’s in honor of their groundbreaking film.

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