British bombshell Demi Rose has surfaced in another set of photos, this time the curvaceous beauty is seen disembarking a speed boat on a secluded beach for a private walk with friends. In a crochet bikini and brown wrap, the 23 year old Instagram model has been absolutely breathtaking during her “girls trip” in Thailand.

In fact, this comes after a string of public appearances and Instagram posts that are keeping Ms. Rose in the spotlight.

Her followers are having a very fun February after this and an accompanying batch of sexy photos were posted on her page earlier this month. There she shows off a stunning leather bikini that looks like it’s holding onto her skin for dear life. 


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She remembered who she was and the game changed. ✨ @dannydesantos ?

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Rose’s modeling career is at a pivotal stage now that she’s at the top of her Instagram game. Starting off in the UK and getting a boost from DJ Khaled music videos, this Hershey’s kiss of a human being has maybe gotten her biggest advantage from her resemblance to Kylie Jenner.

Rose made a splash in socialite circles when she began a relationship with Tyga — the rapper who Jenner famously dated.

Both are onto bigger and better things now, and Demi Rose is just the latest in a run of examples proving the rule that it doesn’t matter how you start — it’s what you make of the shot you get. From the looks of these photos, she’s putting her time in the sun to good work.

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