It’s no surprise that the five-time Formula One World Champion would be cruising in a $160k dollar Mercedes, just to run errands around town.

Lewis Hamilton was spotted leaving XIV Karats in Beverly Hills. The professional Mercedes sports racer dressed relaxed with a new set of cornrows and shades as he shopped for jewelry. The casual look had a dash of luxury when he paired his white sweatshirt with navy blue Louis Vuitton pants and a Louis clutch.

If Hamilton thought he would be able to step out unnoticed, he was sadly mistaken. Especially after he jumped into a Mercedes-AMG GT R Coupé. The lux whip was a clean white coupe with a spoiler on the back. The car is designed to be lightweight and offers a keyless option, touchpad controller, 577 horsepower, an acceleration time of a little under 4 second and many more impressive features.

The line comes in a variety of colors like blue, red, diamond white, grey, yellow, etc.

Hamilton is currently preparing for his seventh season. Though he and the Mercedes team haven’t always been on the same page professionally, there’s no doubting the 34-year-old’s talent. The National reported that out of the past 100 races, the team won 74 of them. A total of 51 of those wins were thanks to the speed racer.

Mercedes-GP team principal Toto Wolff recently admitted how unappreciated Lewis’ talents are.

“We are always full of the types of people who retire or die. But they are never saying ‘This guy is really unbelievable, we’re alive to witness an exceptional performer’. I think we should recognize that while we are still racing.”