Singer Katy Perry is used to getting attention when it comes to her unique fashion choices, but it’s her shoe fashion line that is got her in trouble after critics claim her slides resemble ‘blackface‘.

The ‘offensive‘ shoe line can be found at Walmart and Dillards and features a face on a black shoe and a tan shoe.

The shoe features two eyes, nose, and red lips and accidentally looks like the offensive ‘blackface‘ used in the mid-19th century when white performers darkened their skin with polish and cork, put on tattered clothing and exaggerated their features to look stereotypically “black.”

Katy Perry’s team has come to the defenceĀ of theĀ Rue Face Slip-On shoe alleging it was never meant to be offensive, but they are pulling it off the shelves anyway to prevent from offending anyone. They told TMZ, ‘”In order to be respectful and sensitive the team is in the process of pulling the shoes.”

Dillards apparently hasn’t received the message yet from Katy’s team because the Rue Face Slip-On shoes are still available online on its official site.

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