Quick change artist! Chris Pratt goes from sweaty to suave as actor pulls a quick change following a workout.

Ta-da! In a blink of an eye, Pratt went from a sweaty mess in a sweat-drenched shirt, basketball shorts and black sneakers – to a suave-looking Hollywood leading man in an Armani Emporio navy jacket, light blue button-down shirt, black denim and black leather sneakers.

Star-Lord, as he is referred to by his fans of his superhero character from Guardian of the Galaxy, looked dapper and ready to hit the red carpet after having what appeared to be a grueling workout if his shirt had anything to say about it.

Pratt has been having a bit of a spat with actress Ellen Page after she called him out for speaking about his church and not addressing the fact, that according to her, they are against the LGBTQ community (which she is a prominent member of).

Chris came to the defence of Zoe Church, claiming that divorce is also not accepted by most Christian churches, but they welcomed him with open arms when he was going through his divorce with Anna Faris.

The next big project for Chris Pratt is Avengers: Endgame which is due to hit theatres May of 2019.