Actress Halle Berry braves the rain in L.A. after announcing she is working in ‘warrior mode’ in 2019 and is ready to start directing her first project.

She looked gorgeous in a floral print hooded coat, light denim jeans tied with a rope and black booties as she grabbed some groceries at Erewhon Natural Foods.

Halle, 52, is in charge of a whole fitness movement called #FitnessFriday where she gives people advice on how to stay young and fit just like she is.

Berry told ET that #FitnessFriday will be heating up this year, ‘I am in my warrior mode, this year’, she said, ‘we started nice but we are going to start to heat it up!’

It’s all about being in charge for Halle this year as she is taking her first directorial job.

She revealed to Kevin Frazier from ET, “I’m directing my first film this year. So when I said it was beast mode the last time I saw you, I meant that,” she dished. “This is, I think, going to be a really defining time in my life for me to step into another light, into another area that I’m completely passionate about and I’m so ready for.”

Halle Berry Grabs Lunch at District Eatery in West Hollywood