Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme sparks joy as he hugs his fans in Venice Beach.

The action hero made a couple of his fans very happy when he not only posed with them but also did an action shot for them to capture a memorable moment.

It was a happy day for Van Damme who had joined James Corden the night prior for a funny skit mocking the latest organization trend to get rid of anything in your house that ‘doesn’t spark joy’.

The trend comes from the uber-popular¬†Kon Mori who has been going around the country organizing¬†people’s homes and having them rid themselves of anything that doesn’t give them joy.

Jean-Claude was coming out of Gold’s Gym with his son Nicholas Van Varenberg when he stopped for his eager fans wearing a beanie, blue plaid shirt, grey tee, grey pants and black shoes.

He had a spoof show called Jean-Claude Van Johnson that loosely followed his career as an action hero and made fun of it.  The show had two seasons on Amazon but was cancelled in 2018.

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