In these candid shots, John Travolta can be seen making his arrival in Sanremo, Italy, where he’s greeting fans before making an appearance at a musical talent competition. No stranger to singing and dancing himself, the 64-year-old actor is bringing his look full circle and looking stylish in his golden years, continuing with the shaved head he’s been embracing all of 2019.

It’s covered up under a hat here, presumably for travel purposes, but ever since this past New Years Eve, Travolta has been rocking the no-hair look.


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I hope everyone had a great New Year!

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 Here he is with his daughter, revealing in his new hairstyle. He’s commented that his inspiration for this new approach was the rapper, Pitbull, who adopts a similar shaved head/light beard style.

As Travolta’s letting the good times roll, we at Pipeline want to encourage it wholeheartedly! His mysterious hairline has always been a talking point. In that light, this new confidence is a celebration – it’s a vindication of an American icon who’s attempting to drift gracefully into his later years.

And before those jaded pop culture vultures among you will mistake this as praise directed at Face/Off Travolta, or Swordfish Travolta, keep in mind that Saturday Night Fever and Grease together, are enough to compel history to take notice of the actor’s greatness. Add to that one of the first big television to movie leaps, coming from Welcome Back, Kotter. Then, cap it all off with a nearly symmetrical career boomerang, after his 90’s resurgence in Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, and, Michael.  

If all that’s not enough to boggle the mind and awe the uninspired – Gotti, his latest film, in which Travolta plays the eponymous organized crime boss, was nominated for a Razzy this year – therefore there is no American actor that embodies the ‘unflappable’ career trajectory more so than John Travolta. And it looks like he’s happy being exactly where he is.  

John Travolta – The Bald and the Beautiful