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Jasmine Arteaga Sorge and Elena Gant replaced Valentine romance with a Girls Night Out.

The Little Women: LA stars caught a movie at the ArcLight Theatre in Hollywood. Jasmine kept it cute and girly in the Valentine spirit dressed in a pink floral skirt and knitted sweater. Meanwhile, Elena was the polar opposite dressed in an all black fit. She does get a couple of points for throwing some pink in her makeup, though.

The cast was recently spotted in Santa Monica filming for the Lifetime network reality show.  While everyone seemed to be getting along, it wasn’t always sunshine within the California cast. Sorge and Gant’s friendship was a key topic in the last season. They were put to the test when a potential business venture turned personal.

The Cast of ‘Little Women: LA’ Filming in Santa Monica

Elena had plans of opening up a beauty bar and wanted her bestie’s hand in the 70-30 partnership. Jasmine, however, had other plans with a 50-50 deal in mind. That didn’t sit well with Gant, who was already familiar with Sorge’s work ethic and wasn’t comfortable giving an “unreliable” person that much responsibility. The savvy business creator turned to fellow co-star/experienced entrepreneur, Terra José, instead, giving her the 50% partnership. Things took an even bigger turn when a frustrated Elena vented to Terra about how inconsistent Jasmine is.

Of course, in dramatic fashion, José had to tell Sorge about what was said by her friend. A lot of arguments and tears later, the two made up and decided to put any business partnerships together on hold.

It’s nice to see them bury the hatchet, but there’s surely more drama to come on the upcoming eighth season.

Jasmine Sorge and Christy Gibel Get Serious While Shooting ‘Little Women: LA’