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Kanye West continues to defy boundaries by driving a $350,000 Lamborghini Urus SUV!

The high-end luxury vehicle is described as ‘A model that was born out of Lamborghini’s vision to continually defy boundaries and, with it, the desire to create the world’s first super SUV’.

Ye is one of the first celebrities to be seen driving the $350,000 vehicle alongside his sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner, who “just had to have one” on Black Friday and bought one for herself.

The car is not only groundbreaking but also green – it’s the only plug-in SUV in its class.

The car isn’t the only think groundbreaking in Kanye’s life. The rapper seems to have turned a new leaf this year – his public feud with Drake might be over after initially calling him a fake for wanting to sample his song Say What’s Real and mocking Drake during one of his concerts where he shared the private text message.

West even went as far as denying him publicly, sending a resounding tweet with ‘by the way, not cleared’ with a laughing face.

The beef came after months of back-and-forth disses between the two, and Kanye claiming Drake disrespected Kim by claiming he slept with her. While Drake felt Ye revealed the existence of his real son to Pusha T, forcing Drake’s confession of his secret son in his album Scorpion.

Drake rapped on Emotionless – “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world/ I was hiding the world from my kid.”

Although Ye had given Drake a resounding ‘no way’ back in December, the business deal might have proven to be too lucrative to let it go — because Lamborghini Urus don’t buy themselves.

Drake re-released his 2009 hit So Far Gone sampling Kanye’s song and even gave him a shout out on Instagram: ‘@kanyewest a decade ago I rapped over your beat cause you just made the best s–t and even though you stay wildin on twitter these days I will never forget what you contributed to the game and my career’.

Maybe there can be peace between this two after all!

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@futuretheprince a decade ago you were Dj’ing all ages parties…@ovo40 a decade ago you were scared to share your beats…@oliverelkhatib a decade ago you worked at a clothing store selling someone else’s product…@boi1da a decade ago you were in a basement with pink insulation walls figuring out fruity loops…@ovoniko a decade ago we were handing out flyers promoting club nights…@realbriamyles a decade ago you were working the makeup counter at Beverly Centre…@nebzilla a decade ago your moms house was my safe place and we really ran through the 6 everyday together…@bunb a decade ago you were a legend and you will remain that forever…@benballer a decade ago you promoted me as if you were getting a cut of my career…@treysongz a decade ago you were the first person to recognize potential and give me a co-sign…@omarion a decade ago you came to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and laid a verse for an unknown artist from Canada…@darkiemade a decade ago you emailed me the cover art for something that would change my life forever….@kingjames a decade ago you came to my release party at 6 Degrees and made me the biggest artist in the city off your presence alone…@kanyewest a decade ago I rapped over your beat cause you just made the best shit and even though you stay wildin on twitter these days I will never forget what you contributed to the game and my career…Portia I don’t know your IG but a decade ago you told me to rap over June 27th and bonded me and Houston Texas forever…@jas.prince a decade ago you took a chance on MySpace and introduced me to Wayne…@liltunechi a decade ago you took me out of Toronto and gave me the biggest blessing anybody has ever given me…I will never forget anybody involved in this journey even if you don’t fit in this caption…So Far Gone streaming everywhere for the first time ever Thursday. ??

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