Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen hit up hotspot Nobu Malibu for dinner in a siiiiiiiick Rolls Royce on Wednesday night.

The exotic car is gorgeous, a jade green exterior, white interior, but there is just one problem, Tom Brady is the official sponsor of Aston Martin, a direct competitor of Rolls Royce. So what gives??

Aston Martin is not going to like this!: Brady and Gisele were spotted getting out of the ultra-luxury vehicle, that can range in the $500,000 zone while going to a sushi dinner. As the official spokesperson for any major company, you are required to sign a non-compete clause, so this could be a major no-no for Brady, who has been revered by Aston Martin’s CEO according to TMZ.

“He’s so remarkably genuine, and mindful of what his performance means to others. He’s visited our factory in Gaydon, and was so complimentary of the men and women who built the cars. He equated their meticulousness to how he approaches football,” she said.

“He was so nice, taking pictures and praising everyone’s work. He’s incredible generous — he even sent me a ‘happy birthday’ video — I’ll save that one for posterity!” – Laura Schwab

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The good-looking couple is fresh from a relaxing vacation in Costa Rica after Tom Brady took home his sixth Super Bowl title.

It likely won’t be Brady’s last, he has sworn he’s not done with football and plans to keep playing as long as he can.

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