It seemed like Jennifer Lopez got in a haughty work out as she left a gym center.

The singing-dancing-acting icon was found leaving the gym rocking a sheer high-yellow cropped jacket to match her Hermes Birkin bag. The jacket showed off an aqua green exercise bra complimenting light grey and aqua green tribal print leggings. But what also caught lens was a rather larger bump on the side of Jennifer’s head in a pulled back ponytail.

Lopez is already known for having an enviable bod, but this role in an upcoming movie is getting her even tighter.

The Hustlers at Scores booked J. Lo to play the part of a stripper. The film tells the story of a group of dancers who scheme rich clients out of their money by maxing out their cards after passing out during the show. The part has been an interesting journey for the mother of two as she’s been sharing the different techniques she’s practiced to get in shape. One was being put on a strict diet of no carbs or sugar for 10 days. A goal she was happy to complete and celebrate with a feast of pizza and chicken wings with boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez.

Another was exploring the pole, which she generously shared with us on Instagram. The 49-year-old sauntered up the “stage” in uniform stripper heels, showing off a couple dips, twirls, and even swings.

The Hustlers at Scores is still in the pre-production stage, but it already has some us looking at stripper poles a little differently.

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