There was a wild scene last night at Floyd Mayweather‘s 42 birthday, after what appears to be a disagreement inside the club between Tyga and another man, which left the rapper being dragged out and thrown in the street.

The boxer’s shindig was going down at the Sunset Room in Hollywood on Saturday night when the fighting began. By the looks of the photos, Tyga was at his booth when he was approached by a man who started screaming at him, and before long, he forcefully removed from the party.

Event security literally dragged the Taste rapper through the middle of the club, out the front door, and tossed him over to his bodyguard in front of tons of paparazzi and lingering fans outside the venue.

While all the commotion was going on you see Tyga grab for his bodyguard’s concealed weapon multiple times. In the video you hear the moment bystanders notice there’s now a gun involved, and panic starts to set in.

For the next few minutes the rapper’s friends try to calm him down while the paparazzi yell “it’s not worth it! You’re a good guy! Think about your family!”

Fortunately, all ended peacefully after Tyga decided to get in his car and leave. The only thing wounded was his ego.