La Reina has arrived in Rio de Janeiro! Latin superstar Gloria Estefan spotted on the tropical beaches of Rio de Janeiro looking muy caliente!

The Cuban-American singer looked amazing as she lifted her arms in a dramatic fashion wearing a printed long dress on the sand as she was filmed.

She open her arms towards the crashing waves as she approached the shore in her long cream dress and sandals. She wore her hair in a tight bun wearing smokey eyeshadow, dark lipstick, and long drop earrings.

Stefan threw her arms up-in-the-air as she appeared to sing alongside the Rio shoreline with a film crew in tow.

She appeared to be working on some sort of music project and we are hoping it’s some new fresh latin beats that will have us on our feet.

Gloria Stefan has always been a staple in the Latin community but it was in the 80’s when she became a certified megastar alongside her band The Miami Sound Machine with beats like Rhythm is Going to Get You, Conga, and Can’t Stay Away.

NO ME TOQUEN, ANDO CHIDA! Gloria appeared unhappy with her makeup at one point, throwing her hands up in the air and closing her eyes, as she was being styled.  Perhaps her makeup was melting with the humid Rio weather.

Her massive entourage came to the rescue of the VH1 Diva fixing and primping her before sending her off to finish her video.

Gloria Estefan is not only revamping her music career, she is also gone back to acting in the Netflix comedy One Day At A Time.  The show is currently streaming on Netflix and stars Estefan as part of the Alvarez hispanic family.

Gloria was so excited to guest star on the Netflix show, she even sang about it!

The only thing we can say is we can’t wait until Gloria’s rhythm is going to get us again!