Oh, the joy of being attractive, in love and in shape! Chris Pratt was extremely happy walking out the gym with fiancé Katherine Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles.

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They both wore dark colored sweatsuits but Katherine opted to accessorize with a big green bag and furry flip flops.

His happiness showed pumping his fist in the air and giving paparazzi a “thumbs up” of approval. Katherine, the oldest child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver was equally just as excited smiling from ear to ear. We think seeing Chris this happy with his 29-year-old author bae is so adorbs!

Shirtless Chris Pratt Gets Goofy for Katherine Schwarzenegger

The 39-year-old is famous for being more serious on screen trying to save the world from killer dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The actor definitely shows a more sweet and caring side in real life with his love Katherine. The newly engaged couple took to Chris’ Instagram to show off a picture of them and their adorable lambs at their new farm in Washington.

Chris also shared a very sweet video of his love Kathy holding twin lambs who they named “Blackbelt” and “Quicksilver


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Here are twin Suffolk lambs, “Blackbelt” and “Quicksilver.” These Suffolk Sheep descended from a nearly wild breed of Island Sheep, over three human family generations and dozens and dozens of lamb generations, becoming incredibly hardy. Before coming to our farm the entire herd gave birth in the fields with no veterinary help whatsoever. With no man made shelter, no medicine, no hoof trimming and no supplemented nutrients only the strongest survived. The result is an incredibly athletic, wild and unusually hardy sheep, which when full grown can easily jump a 5 foot fence. Ask me how I know! One of them jumped head first into my chest at a full run and nearly knocked the wind out of me. I was brought back to my days as an all area inside linebacker. Point being, I was an all area inside linebacker. Nonetheless, we’ve had many unique challenges trying to domesticate these wild little Suffolk. But it’s working! Amazingly mama didn’t mind as we picked up her babies. Our hope is in a couple generations they will become as calm and fearless as the other domesticated breeds.

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If it isn’t apparent already, Chris has a big love for Kathy and his sheep.

But come on sheep aside, these two are so freaking cute!!! Although a wedding date hasn’t been announced, we can’t wait to see them tie the knot!

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The couple’s love life is definitely booming and so is Chris’ acting career! You can catch his voice on the big screen as he stars in animated film “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Check out the star pitch his vision for a potential ‘Lego Movie: 3‘ below

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