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The Dinklage family has all the charm of a perfect holiday card as they’re spotted running errands together during a recent snowstorm in New York City. Just as long as it’s a very candid, serious card. Peter Dinklage, star of Game of Thrones, is seen here with his wife, director Erica Schmidt, minus only their most recent child. Their daughter’s name remains a private matter.

While most fans of Dinklage will likely be anxiously awaiting his return as Tyrion Lannister in the final season of Thrones, (coming to HBO this summer) – other followers of the 4’ 5” Emmy Award winner can look forward to his appearance in two upcoming new sibling pieces.

Brothers is a film that’s made waves merely with the promise of Dinklage alongside Marvel movie strongman Josh Brolin, joined through the comedy of nature. Screenwriter Etan Cohen joins the team also as an established offbeat comedy voice, if there is such a thing. His other credits include Tropic Thunder, Holmes and Watson, and Idiocracy.  

Add to that recent buzz, Dinklage’s earlier announcement of his involvement in the Last Sons of Anarchy adaptation, and he’s had quite an eventful February. This one is a graphic novel that’s being made into a Netflix series. The genre being thrown around is ‘post apocalyptic’ and the synopsis sounds like Dinklage is playing alongside another brother character as the two are adoption workers in a society that struggles to reproduce. Faced with the pressure of ensuring the healthy future of an entire people, the two brothers face one too many tough choices.

Seems like it’s just about time for another great ‘post apocalyptic’ television series, anyhow.

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