What’s a vacation in Thailand without a poolside photoshoot?

Obviously, a trip wasted based on Demi Rose‘s recent adventure during the winter break. The British model and a friend enjoyed a day in the water as they laughed and posed at a Baba Beach Club resort in Phuket. Demi paraded her curvaceous figure in a simple black one-piece suit. It singed her waist, ever-so-perfectly while sharing some classy cleavage and peek-a-boo cheeks in the back.

The ladies weren’t too proud to make sure they protected themselves from sun rays, though.

It’s obvious that there’s no shame in Rose’s game. The girls sauntered around the pool not only modeling bikini-perfect bodies but an envious ocean view of Khok Kloi. Surely her over 8 million followers enjoyed the show.

Even though the social media figure’s fit of choice was very “cheeky” (to say the least) we’ve seen her in a lot more revealing bikinis. Some that probably could have used a tad bit more fabric. But, hey! You know what they say: “If you got it, flaunt it.”

The Thailand journey is following the ladies’ recent trip to Tulum Mexico together. Of course, she shared that venture with social media too. She enjoyed a kick into the new year with even more friends. A special person who got a little more attention was DJ boyfriend, Chris Martinez.

We’re glad Demi shared her world travels with us, but we need a heads up before she tries to shut down the internet again with those pics!

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