Justin Bieber looked as if his therapy session was a rough one this week. The pop star was photographed leaving his weekly appointment, but his eyes looked pretty watery. Bieber hasn’t been shy about needing some extra support following his treatment for depression.

On Tuesday morning, a very flushed Biebs made his way to the waiting SUV.  As he exited, the singer rubbed his face and covered his eyes as he jumped in his ride.

Justin’s wife Hailey Bieber just arrived back in town after a short trip to Europe for Paris Fashion Week. The model was photographed leaving their apartment building on her way to the gym. Hailey stepped out in all-black attire, wearing a black puffer jacket, black leggings and black sunglasses.

Justin’s outfit was quite the opposite, the singer had on an oversized blue coat, yellow DREW hat and a pair of tan corduroy pants.

Hailey’s uncle, Billy Baldwin, recently weighed in about their rushed marriage saying: “I love them as a couple and I would’ve loved to see them get married if they waited a couple more years,” Baldwin told US Weekly. “Maybe that would have been better, but they didn’t want to wait because they’re both devout in their faith and … that wasn’t the right fit for them so that’s really none of my business.”

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Several sites are reporting that Justin is seeing a couple doctors to deal with his personal issues. His goal is not to be dependent on medication for the rest of his life.  We are being told Hailey is standing strong by his side though everything.

Justin was seen later in the say heading to the recording studio with his shirt unbuttoned and his chest tattoos on display.

Shirtless Justin Bieber and Hailey Posing Together for Photoshoot