You can never be too safe. Which is why rapper Soulja Boy was spotted strolling the mean streets of Beverly Hills with an armed bodyguard as he waited to cross Rodeo Drive.

Beverly Hills is one of the safest areas in all of Los Angeles, but that didn’t stop Soulja and his bodyguard from letting everyone know he was packing.

The men looked alert as they waited for the light to turn green in one of the most luxurious shopping areas in the world, Rodeo Dr.

Soulja was wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt with red sleeves, distressed denim, Air Jordan Nike sneakers, a large Jesus gold pendant for his outing as his bodyguard kept a close eye on him.

The trio appeared to be keeping a close eye on group of teenagers who looked to be more starstruck than ready to strike.

Side note, Soulja is currently under a 5-year probation for a gun conviction and isn’t allowed to touch any firearms, but the rules don’t apply to his bodyguard.

Interestingly enough, last month Soulja was accused of kidnapping an ex lover.  TMZ reported that police were called over to Soulja’s home in Agoura Hills where a woman by the name of Kayla alleged to have been tied-up for 6-hours and held against her will after an argument.

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Two weeks after the alleged kidnapping incident, Soulja and Blac Chyna were seen out together dropped some major cash in Beverly Hills.

On that trip he was only armed with his credit card as he spoiled Chyna on a lavish Valentines day shopping spree.

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