Actor Mel Gibson has become more famous for his temper than his movies but is proving he really does have a soft spot… when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies.

The Braveheart actor made a run to Ralphs grocery store when he couldn’t say no to kids and irresistible Girl Scout cookies.

He was sporting grey hair and peppered beard wearing his favorite blue puffy jacket, blue shirt, blue jeans, and grey slip-on sandals.

Thin Mint Cookies, Please!  The infamous actor was seen reaching for the classic green box that carries their most popular treat.  It seems he might have also gone for a purple box, which carries the delicious Caramel Delights – crispy cookies coated in caramel, drizzled with chocolate, and sprinkled with coconut.

Girlfriend Rosalind Ross and Mel’s youngest son, Lars, were seen with Gibson as he purchased the treats.

The reclusive actor looked nonchalant as he counted his money and handed it over to the Girl Scouts.  He was even seen loading his own firewood in his car as his assistant helped him with the rest.

The actor has been a Malibu resident for many years but is attempting to sell his medieval-style home once again.  He recently re-listed the luxurious home for $14.5 Million dollars – a total reduction of $3 Million.

If you are looking for a home in that price range, look no more.  The house is a beaut and was previously owned by Tea Leoni and David Duchovny.

Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like:

A Very Scruffy Mel Gibson Takes His Lady on a Hot Date