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Rapper Nicki Minaj is making news again with her controversial fiance Kenneth Petty and her ex-Meek Mill, who just put out a song about her and her new man.

Nicki had a huge smile as she was spotted leaving AccorHotels Arena in Paris wearing a pink bathrobe and fully wrapped in a blanket as her security escorted her to her car.

The Barbie Dreams singer looked to be in the best mood after she performed in Paris and strutted her stuff on a catwalk, even though she wasn’t technically in any of the fashion shows.

The ‘Queen’ strutted herself down her own personal catwalk during her #NickiWRLDTour in Paris wearing a Fendi one-piece, Fendi knee-high boots, and a sheer long yellow coat.

Minaj drove her fans wild as she strutted down her stage and showed off her dangerous curves.

‘Paris, I PHKNG LOVE YOU!!!!!!!’, she exclaimed on her Instagram, ‘YOU HAVE THE CROWN. I SAID WHAT I SAID!’.

Her ex-Meek Mill gave good his friend James Harden the green light to preview his new track on his IG.  Fans believe this is his response to Nicki’s Barbie Dreams where she talks about her ex still wanting her and sliding into her DMs.

The unreleased track by Meek references her and disses her new man Kenneth Penny.

The lyrics for the song are pretty telling:

This s**t beyond me, You was supposed to be my Beyoncé

Now you this n***a fiancé? What?

F**k you mean you feel a connection?

He listen to you, what?

This n***a wear Balenciaga with boot cut jeans

What the f**k you losing your mind? Ayo, call my f**king phone back yo

Minaj, for her part, appeared completely unfazed by the track as she left her concert in Paris waving to fans as she was leaving.

It appears there is only one thing in Nicki’s mind and that is baby fever.

The controversial singer was taken back when she spotted a baby at Tidal headquarters in Norway and immediately had to hold the 3-month old.

She posted her adoration for the baby on IG fueling speculations that she is ready to become a mother saying ‘I am obsessed with babies.  Obssesed. So cute!

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