Gigi Hadid made the best of a cold day in New York during a recent photoshoot.

The young model was rolling deep with a full crew on top of a city building’s rooftop. Everyone was layered up in scarves, hats, and winter bubble coats. Whereas, Gigi posed seemingly unbothered in a simple brown trench. Her tousled waves blew in the wind as a photographer snapped away with a skyline in the backdrop.

Though she’s no stranger to west coast living and world travels, Gigi’s comfortable setup in The Big Apple is definitely hard to compare to. News broke in 2016, that the 23-year-old is the owner of one of the trendiest apartments in Noho. Forbes reported the units usually go for about $4.7 million, but Hadid got it at a little discount. And when we say little, we mean almost $4 million.

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It’s a sleek, modern design with two bedrooms, two and half bathrooms, marble countertops, silver appliances, and so much more. Oh, did we mention she has an elevator that comes from the lobby and goes straight to her room?

Now, with such a big place you’d think taking care of decorations could get a little overwhelming. Well, not for Gigi who had the helping hand of mother and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star, Yolanda Hadid.

Fast forward to 2018 and boyfriend, Zayn Malik, moved into his $10.7 million penthouse less than a mile from “La Casa Hadid.” Coincidence? Eh, doubt it.

Can’t wait to see what lavish place the couple finds when they decide to move in together!

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