Tom Hiddleston was spotted walking his chocolate colored spaniel down the streets of London a few days ago, and both are carrying themselves with a sense of purpose.

The 38 year old British actor, best known as Marvel’s Loki, is found here in a full black workout wardrobe, taking to the streets for some fresh air. Only his canine companion and his Apple earbuds are needed to complete the vibe of solitude – fitting for the Avengers’ maverick antagonist.  

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When he’s not coming back from the dead for vengeance in the Marvel Universe, Hiddleston can be seen in AMC’s The Night Manager. After a successful first season on the John le Carre spy thriller, Hiddleston has become the latest in a gaggle of movie stars making the transition to television.

What in the past would have been seen as a career question mark, is now an opportunity for actors to show the world their skills. As beautiful spectacles as – not only his Marvel works, but also his appearance in 2017’s Kong: Skull Islandcertainly were, Hiddleston has a wealth of classically trained talent that may not stretch to full range on those movies.

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And pardon the above dig on Hiddleston’s solitude, but for those interested, the latest Pipeline update reminds that the actor’s lovelife has little news to report. He’s said in the past that he’s choosing to focus on his craft at this point in his life, and since his 2016 whirlwind romance with Taylor Swift, Hiddleston has yet to declare a new love interest.

Hiddleston has been confirmed to make an appearance in Avengers: Endgame, coming out in April. He’s also signed on for a spin-off Loki television series, as well as the second season of The Night Manager, both of which remain in early development.