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Daniel Radcliffe transforms into Tim Jenkin for the upcoming film Escape from Pretoria.

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The actor looked unrecognizable while in costume playing Tim Jenkins; a white South African activist imprisoned for working with the African National Congress and then breaking out of the brutal Pretoria Central Prison.

Radcliffe was photographed on set wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt, grey slacks, and black shoes.  He was sporting a 70’s hairstyle, a full beard, and square sunglasses for his role.

IN FULL CHARACTER: Daniel was filming an intense scene where he is a fugitive hiding from the law.  He was pictured walking on the streets of Adelaide looking a bit distraught and hiding behind a pile of trash.

Daniel Radcliffe, Whatcha Smoking Bud?

The Pirie Street in Adelaide, Australia was transformed into 1970’s Cape Town where the timepiece takes place with vintage vehicles and storefront showing signs in Afrikaans.

CATCHING A BREAK: Daniel was seen enjoying a hand-rolled cigarette as he filmed and later took a break from filming.  He looked to be in deep conversation with members of the film crew as he puffed away on his smoke.

The Harry Potter actor is a far cry from the squeaky clean boy he once played, opting for meatier roles like that of Tim Jenkin that will gain him recognition instead of millions of fans.

The movie has been filming for just two weeks and still has much to finish but this role looks really juicy and is sure to get Radcliffe the recognition he deserves.

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