Harry Styles was hot one minute and cold the next as he went out in London dressed in this unique attire.

The former One Direction member got ready to go out on a chilly day in London wearing a black beanie, black hoodie, black parka, and grey tee but then chose to wear thin shorts and sneakers.

It’s obviously an interesting fashion choice since it most likely left him hot on top and freezing cold on the bottom. However, the British singer appeared unaffected by the chilly weather and went about his business.

Styles wasn’t only sending mixed messages with his clothes, his fingernails were painted black with just the pointer fingers painted in millennial pink.  He let his hand do all the talking since he was busy texting as he walked.

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WHO YOU TEXTING? Harry was super busy texting with someone as he wore shorts and a parka.  The crooner was recently linked to Japanese IG sensation, Kiko Mizura, after he made several trips to Tokyo, but Mizura denies any dating rumors.  In fact, she says it’s fake news and that she is dating someone else.

Harry Styles will be back in the United States on March 29 for the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony to help induct Fleetwood Mac. The special event will be taped at the famous Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn and air on HBO April 29.

Harry Styles Grabs Breakfast in his Man-dana