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Hell’s Kitchen isn’t the only place Gordon Ramsay is wreaking havoc.

The professional chef has unapologetically been burning a lot of his neighbors with construction of his UK home. But if bringing peace to the Cornwall, England community means changing the blueprints, let’s just say Gordon couldn’t care less. And when you spend $5.6 million on an estate, you might feel like you can do whatever you want.

Gordon Ramsay Is so Rich – Checks out Construction on New Malibu Home

News broke, in 2016, that Ramsay is building a home in the UK. While it may be a proud achievement for him, it’s a nuisance for others. Especially for those who’ve been bothered at the fact that he’s willing to destroy 100-year-old historic trees just to make way for a driveway.

St. Minver Lowlands Parish Council shared their “disappointment” in the “detrimental” change. Fox News reported Cornwall Council’s tree officer explained nature’s role as, “a significant contribution to local landscape.” It’s absence will only “increase the visibility of the new dwelling from the road and public spaces.”

Even though he plans to plant four more trees to make up for them, it still hasn’t brought peace of mind for the citizens of Rock village. It also doesn’t compensate for the demolishing of the original 1920s home that mounted the property or the fact that the “Garden House” will block the view of scenic trees behind the holiday house one resident called “an eyesore.”

No matter what neighbors feel, Gordon will undoubtedly enjoy his six bedroom four bathroom mansion with a swimming pool and tennis court. Did we mention plans to build a three bedroom boathouse too? Yep, he’s milking that 2.5 acre land.

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