Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph return home from their Bachelor NYC press tour to get a beach day with Cassie’s family in her hometown of Huntington Beach.

The Bachelor couple looked to be in bliss as they enjoyed the first warm weekend in a while in So Cal.

Randolph’s family was pictured walking to the beach with Cassie and Colton who led the pack to the sand.

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Here goes our actual hometown date 🙂

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The reality star shared a picture of herself and Colton posing alongside some pals as they enjoyed a sunny day at Sandy’s Beach Shack.  She captioned the sweet snap – Here goes our actual hometown date :).

The group enjoyed the sun as they lounged on the beach, digging their toes into the sand.  Underwood was pictured with Randolph between his lap as the Indianapolis native got a dose of California sunshine.

The hot couple shared some PDA on the sand as Cassie leaned backward to receive a tender kiss from Colton. They were also taking selfies and looking at her phone during their beachside cuddle session.

The reality couple is fresh off an NYC press tour and making up for the awkward first hometown visit as seen on The Bachelor, where Cassie’s dad did not approve of Colton.

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The part of hometowns y’all didn’t get to see

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That incident is long in the past and Underwood and Cassie’s father seem to be on better terms.  Colton shared a snap of the two enjoying a lunch alongside Cassie who is beaming posing next to them.

Cassie looked like the perfect California girl – dressed in a white short summer dress carrying a white constructed purse and wearing cat-eye sunglasses as she walked on the sea shore chatting on the phone.

The road to happiness has not been an easy one for the couple after Colton felt sided by The Bachelor and host Chris Harrison.

He told THR – “I did feel betrayed, I did feel frustrated and angry, Chris [Harrison] and production…but I’ve come back around to realizing, no matter how I felt in that moment, they did me dirty, or whatever was going on, whatever the case might be, they showed me how much I loved her’, he gushed, ‘they showed me how badly I wanted my relationship to work, and they brought her into my life. So I am thankful for them.’