Heiress Paris Jackson allegedly attempted suicide over the weekend according to police reports, but she continues to deny it, calling the reports bulls**t.

Michael Jackson’s only daughter allegedly attempted suicide over the weekend after struggling to cope with the documentary Leaving Neverland – a documentary about her late father’s alleged illicit relationship with young boys.

Paris has vehemently denied any wrongdoing on the part of her father, claiming people are out to smear his good name for money, but both Safecuck and Robson have denied receiving any money for the scathing documentary.

The documentary follows James Safechuck and Wade Robson as they rehash the story of what happened to them as little boys when they were under the care of Michael Jackson. Both men allege the pop star groomed them and later sexually molested them starting at a young age.

Law enforcement confirmed to TMZ that a call was made around 7:30 AM from Paris’ home and both police and EMS arrived at the scene to transport the heiress to a nearby hospital where she was treated.  Sources close to the family have reported that they believe it’s due to fallout from Leaving Neverland documentary which Paris denies ever have seen.

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The free-spirited actress was spotted the next day in Los Angeles where she was asked about her hospital stint, which she laughed off.  She was asked, there were reports that you were in the hospital, are you okay? at which she laughed and responded, ‘yea! it’s bullsh*t dude’ and left it at that.

She was spotted wearing a bomber jacket that had her feelings written all over the back, ‘PUPPIES AND I’M FINE’ with the words ‘WINE’ taped over since she is still under the legal drinking age of 21.

She was seen walking with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn after grabbing KFC for lunch wearing a cropped VANS long-sleeve shirt, grey jogging pants, and black sneakers.  She went makeup-free for her lunch and wore her long hair loose.

Paris Jackson Hits the Town After Moschino Show

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trees 5ever #tbt

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Jackson recently shared a picture of herself on top of a tree with ‘trees 5ever #tbt’ – perhaps in a bid to feel closer to her famous dad who used to love to do the same thing as seen on the documentary Living with Michael Jackson by Martin Bashir.

Michael’s only daughter made an effort to appear just fine after allegedly being taken to the hospital for trying to take her life the second time. She was pictured sipping out of her boyfriend’s drink and grabbing lunch at KFC like what’s happening to her is ‘no thing but a chicken wing’ but nothing seems to be further from the truth.

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