There’s nothing like getting to work with family! Elle Macpherson and her handsome sons Cy Busson and Flynn Busson worked on a photoshoot together lakeside in Sydney, Australia the other day.

The gorgeous mom and her sons, Cy, 16, and Flynn, 21, were seen having a grand time as they got playful with each other.

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The former supermodel was caught in hysterics as she played with the two boys, who appeared to be having as much fun as their mother.  At one point, Elle was pictured bent over laughing uncontrollably.

She recently gushed about Flynn on his 21st birthday saying, ‘You took 48 hours to get here and you were worth every second.’

McPherson is turning 55 years-old at the end of the month and continues to book modeling gigs as she ages gracefully – a feat very few models have been able to achieve.

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The seasoned pro looked effortless in front of cameras as she stuck out her tongue while wearing a two-tone pinstripe shirt and animal print lycra shorts.

Macpherson stood still as her makeup crew primped her up for her second shoot of the day.  A woman seen was rubbing Elle with lotion as the model wore a big knit turtleneck sweater and black bathing suit.  Her hairstylist perfected every strand of her wild bun for that messy-but-sexy effect.

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Elle and her youngest posed down for the shoot together as she stood on a paddleboard and he stood nearby. The chivalrous 16-year-old acted as a balancing post for his 54-year-old mom as she got ready to strike her next pose.

The teen proved that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, looking camera ready next to his mom who has graced the covers of countless magazines.

When Elle was asked what is the best part about having two boys she said – ‘We get to go on lots of adventures together’.

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