David Beckham has a tender day with daughter Harper Seven Beckham as he takes her out for a shopping trip in London.

The former professional footballer showed his softer side as he took his young daughter out for a daddy/daughter day in London.  The two looked happy as can be as they headed into several shops.

Beckham was pictured opening the door for his excited little girl as he carried her shopping bags.

Beckham was seen in a grey newsboy cap camel coat, black sweater, white shirt, black jeans, and black boots.  His daughter Harper looked like the perfect English girl in a traditional grey wool coat, pinstripe shirt, black dress, black tights, and black oxford shoes.

The 7-year-old appears to be in the middle of losing her baby teeth as she showed her two missing front teeth when she gave a big smile to her famous dad.  She was sucking on a Ring Pop as she excitedly held on to Beckham’s hand.

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The incredibly sweet daddy and daughter duo were busy shopping at high-end shops like Bonpoint children’s boutique and Diptyque Paris where they left carrying two large shopping bags.

The pair ended their ideal day after their shopping expedition with Harper looking at her dad with adoring eyes.

The Diptyque purchase could potentially be for mum, Victoria Beckham, who turns 45 on April 17.  The shop is a candle specialty shop specializing in fine fragrances.  It’s hard to see what a 7-year-old would be doing with such a purchase.

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These moments with Harper seem to be precious for David Beckham, whose rest of his kids are off doing their own things including dating.  His son, Romeo Beckham, 16, is reportedly dating the young but insanely popular actress, Millie Bobby Brown.

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