Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was spotted on smoothie run over the weekend in Australia. The teen megastar stopped by a local eatery to grab a few drinks and a snack.

Millie Bobby Brown – Beach Day with ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Co-Star

Millie is currently down under to work on her latest film Gozilla Vs. Kong.

The teen was pictured driving a golf cart around a fancy Aussie resort even though, legally, the 15 year-old is too young to drive one. But who’s going to stop her? 

The actress was appeared more focused on her phone than driving the vehicle.  There might be good reason for that. This is the first time we’ve seen Brown since reports surfaced of her dating 16 year-old Romeo Beckham

First Pictures of Millie Bobby Brown on the Set of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’

According to reports, the young couple first met three years ago at the Unicef 70th anniversary gala. They have since began dating and apparently have Victoria Beckham‘s stamp of approval.

During the trip to the Pier B cafe, the actress rocked a pair of black flowy pants, a matching tube top exposing her midriff, a pair of black rimmed glasses and some flip flops. 

A sales rep at the resort’s Carts ‘n’ Parts store which rents the buggies said: “Youngsters are required to have a driver’s license to use them.  Drivers shouldn’t be on the phone or eating and drinking in them.  Basically the same rules apply as driving a car. If cops catch anyone underage they would get a warning and a $250 fine.”

Let’s be honest though, what cop is going to give Millie a ticket? The only thing she would be handing over is an autograph.

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