Will Smith and Martin Lawrence filmed a scene for Bad Boys for Life where the duo flew down the street on a motorcycle with a machine gun equipped sidecar during a shootout in Atlanta.

Detective Mike Lowrey was driving the futuristic Harley Davidson motorcycle as Detective Marcus Burnett rode shotgun.  The legendary detectives looked intense during the chase scene.  If you look closely, movie magic was taking place as Lawrence shoots his machine gun and fake ammunition is dispersed.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence – Caught in the Rain during ‘Bad Boys for Life’ Filming

Will was photographed in a black bomber jacket with gold applique, black shirt, black jeans, and black boots for his night of filming. Martin was dressed in a dark leather jacket, brown shirt, and jeans as he rode alongside Smith.

The comedic duo had their facial expressions down pat as they looked to be in the middle of one of their hilarious gun fights.

In the previous films, Will Smith’s character is always pushing Martin Lawrence character beyond the limit – it’s pretty obvious detective Lowrey is back at it again.

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