Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga says his brother-in-law Joe Giudice is doing just fine despite what you might think.  Even though Giudice is facing deportation back to his homeland of Italy, Gorga says he’s going strong.

Melissa Gorga‘s very successful husband stopped by the Hollywood Pipeline Podcast to talk about his new book The Gorga Guide to Success and revealed how the Giudice family is really doing after the cameras stop rolling.

During the chat with hosts, Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, the reality star was asked how Teresa Giudice‘s husband is doing mentally behind bars. According to Gorga, Joe has lost a ton of weight while incarcerated and is in “crazy good shape” now. He went on to say “Joe is a bit stressed out because he doesn’t want to be there, but going strong.” As for his mental health, Gorga says his sister’s husband is doing just fine and hasn’t broken down yet.


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Tune in tonight to #rhonj Watch my sister @teresagiudice in this competition!! And my mother in law! She’s the best!

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Unfortunately, it’s not the same for his family. Joe revealed his sister has been putting on a strong front for the public, but she breaks down and so do the kids.  Everyone is hiding their emotions and it’s been really hard on the family.

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Gorga says he’s really stepped it up for Teresa’s family. With the man of the house gone, Joe is the first one they call if anything goes wrong. “Anytime there’s something wrong in the house, a pipe breaks, this breaks, that breaks, I’m there.” he went on to say “I’m doing what I need to do – she’s my sister, those are my nieces, I’ll be there for whatever they need.”

All the drama surrounding this famous family hasn’t stopped Joe from penning his first book entitled The Gorga Guide to Success: Business, Marriage and Life Lessons from a Real Estate Mogul.  The book has already shot to the number one spot on Amazon‘s best seller list, which is pretty impressive for a first-time author.

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In the book, Gorga talks about how he made his millions, where he went wrong and how people can find success for themselves.  Over the years Joe says many of his friends have urged him to become a motivational speaker and write a book, so he did.

Make sure to check out the entire interview. He gets candid about where he came from, what really went down the first season of RHWONJ with Teresa, and of course, his sex life. You can download the episode on iTunes or head over to

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