First photos are leaked from the set of Hustlers. The film, produced by Jennifer Lopez, starring Cardi B, is about a group of New York City strippers who successfully scam some Wall Street bankers.

Constance Wu, coming off of her breakout in Crazy Rich Asians, has also joined the cast. She’s seen here on her way – apparently to or from set – in wardrobe, wearing a pair of ripped leather pants, a fur-lined suede jacket, and a streaked hairstyle.

Wu’s character in the film is currently unknown, but in each photo reported here on Hollywood Pipeline, she’s carrying a blue three-ring binder which may hold a clue.

In one of these photos, the binder she’s carrying features a picture. A first glance suggests it’s the late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in Boogie Nights. We appear to see a headshot of Hoffman, in his shaggy hair, seemingly star struck by the performers in front of him.

The details of this binder may be completely incidental, but many actors use books such as these to zero in on the inspiration for their role. Maybe this is evidence that Wu’s character is a set person or supportive friend, co-starring in the upcoming project. Maybe even, in line with Hoffman’s earlier character, Wu is standing on the sidelines of the main grift, with personal feelings toward Cardi B or other main characters.

Whatever the nature of this binder, or Wu’s character, her addition to the cast lifts this project away from a simple, Ocean’s 8 style, heist a la femme, to a mood more toward the Widows mold. This way, Hustlers can attempt to explore the emotional stakes of ‘Robin Hood’ thievery, via a healthy complement of strippers.  

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