British Reality TV star Olivia Buckland has made yet another appearance on a luxurious beach alongside her new husband, Alex Bowen.

The couple – who rode their semi-final victory on the UK’s Love Island, to an eventual marriage –  have been spending almost the entire time since hitting the gym and the beach, according to their Instagram pages.

Here, Buckland is seen in a red and white gingham bikini, which flatters the excessively tattooed model to new heights.

Olivia Buckland & Alex Bowen Pack on the PDA

After they nearly made it to the finals on the reality dating show, the couple have since been enjoying married life. They recently took their honeymoon on Bali and have now traveled to Barbados. This is after their meeting on the “Love Island” itself, Mallorca.

Love Island acts somewhat as a Survivor for couples, as contestants are compelled to date and pair off in order to complete challenges, thus bridging the gap between sexual compatibility and game show teamwork.

For example, one of the challenges required the girls on the island to match pictures of muscles and various body parts –  abs, legs, arms, etc. – to their various male partners. Another challenge required couples to transfer an array of cocktails from one place to another, using only their mouths.

Out of all that, the two are living their newly married lives to the fullest, and keeping us all updated on their social media, just in case we’re at all doubtful.

The latest reality television couple to jump into real life has hit the ground running, despite many haters and skeptics. It is indeed as the tattoo on Buckland’s upper left thigh proclaims – via two sad-faced masks – “That’s Life”.

Reality TV Couple – Olivia Buckland & Alex Bowen Stroll the Beach