Apparently a day in the life of Zachary Levi is having to teach fans some manners.

SHAZAM! will be out in a matter of days and excited DC Comic fans can’t wait. It also seems like something else they don’t want to wait for are autographs.

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Levi was overcome by a swarm of followers at LAX Airport almost demanding his signature before he could drive off. He signed off on a couple, but put his foot down when it came on to an overly aggressive guy in sunglasses. The oversized “fan” pushed people out of the way just to get Zachary’s autograph on a bunch of SHAZAM! photos. That’s when the actor had enough and scolded him for basically bullying the other fans who’ve been waiting.

The two went back and forth for a little but sunglasses guy never got his signatures. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, Levi was ready to get out of there and declined another person’s request of a photo.

You can also find Zachary putting an end to trolls who have been dissing Captain Marvel and Brie Larson in comparisons. Guess he is kind of a real life hero.

SHAZAM! is scheduled to debut April 5th. The film tells the story about a 14-year-old boy, Billy Batson, who’s moving into his latest foster home. While on the subway, a wizard grants him the power of turning into an adult superhero just by saying the words “Shazam.” Now, it’s Billy’s responsibility to fight off the evil attacks of a villainous character.

We’re sure he would’ve loved to have those superpowers at LAX.

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