Miley Cyrus, her mother Tish, and a beautiful brown pitbull were spotted exiting SunCafe in Los Angeles, leash firmly in Miley’s hand.

The mother/daughter duo were hitting the town in sweats and leggings, easing into a casual morning. Miley was pictured in a gray hoodie at full zip with a Chanel purse, while Tish was rocking a white sweatshirt that features the Adidas logo adapted into a marijuana leaf; the word “addicted” fits in place of the brand name.

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It seems the family never fails to take a chance to proclaim the virtues of weed, and these photos prove they can do so without even trying. Miley shrewdly goes to great lengths to use her recreational drug use to define her public image, and her mother Tish has been open about how marijuana is a part of her health and lifestyle.

The internet is awash in quotes and photos that prove Miley’s continued advocacy, and just last month, Tish appeared on husband Billy Ray Cyrus’ twitter page in a photo, striking a pose in front of a weed-stocked shelving unit that was taller than she was.

Whether Miley is exploring her pansexuality, wowing fans with sultry costumes, or pushing her career toward unexpected collaborations, it’s a treat to see the latest iteration of pop idol work the media in this way. Critics of the Cyrus family’s approach to fame and publicity are merely playing into their hands.

Miley sites Madonna as a major influence (don’t we all?), and there is a Madonna like quality to the way she’s working the news media, staying one step ahead, and pitting the constraints of celebrity against being honest with her fans. She’s constantly eliciting outrage and controversy, but her actions have yet to cross the line and actually imperil her career. It appears Miley has found a secure home in the “what will she do next” sweet spot.

However, on her days off, away from the public eye, she’s as we see in these photos – wearing sweats – just your humble, everyday, international pop music sensation – supported by her family, her weed, and her pitbull.

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