Jennifer Lopez put on her work face after fiancé Alex Rodriguez was accused of sexting with Playboy model Zoe Gregory.

She was spotted on her first day of shooting Hustlers looking ready to conquer.

Jennifer was wearing a Balmain blue denim jacket, graphic newspaper print top, white pants, and peep-toe heels.  She wore oversized sunglasses, large hoop earrings, and large gold rings for her role.

The Latina actress was getting her hair done as she put her hand in her back pocket for her hairdresser to get her ready for her next shot.

She was seen filming a scene that involved her being inside a mall with co-star Constance Wu as they had a lively conversation.

The film is about ‘a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients’.

Lopez and Wu seem to be on the fast track of becoming close friends, Jennifer even introduced her to Alex and the kids when they came to visit her at work.

The hot mom also became close with somebody else – a cute chihuahua that joined them during the scene.  She was pictured picking up the toy dog and showering it with attention.

The actress looked like a boss as she put her arms on her famous hips wearing heavy makeup and lots of gold jewelry.

The cute puppy wasn’t the only thing that was getting showered with attention – JLO’s famous booty made an appearance in her skintight white pants, which left nothing to the imagination.  It looked so good, Alex couldn’t help but grope it!

A Rod showered JLo with loads of attention, bringing the kids to visit her and giving her his undivided attention as she took a break.

The extra attention comes on the heels of Playboy’s Zoe Gregory accusing Alex of sending her sexually explicit pictures and asking her for a threesome.  The model alleges that the incident took place between December 2018 to January 2019 – just a few weeks before A Rod proposed to JLo in the Bahamas.

The British entertainer has been brazen enough to say in public that if Jennifer wants receipts, she would be glad to provide them.

For now, the blended family is sticking together, and neither Lopez or Rodriguez have made a comment on the cheating allegations.  The family was seen walking inside the mall carrying Forever 21 bags as JLO wrapped her first day at work amidst all the allegations.

Jennifer Lopez and A Rod Seal It With A Kiss in NYC