Age really is just a number for Jennifer Aniston. The 50 year-old star was seen doing a photo shoot on the beach in Malibu recently.  The former Friends actress couldn’t have been any hotter.

Aniston posed down in a very revealing skin tight black dress which revealed her cleavage and a whole lot of leg. The gorgeous blonde had on a pair of aviators and a pair of pumps.  Her trademark hair went wild in the ocean breeze.

Jennifer Aniston Looking Sexy Poolside in Portofino

During the photo shoot, Jenn posed down with a large doberman pinscher on a leash.

Apple just announced that Aniston will co-star along side Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell for a new Apple TV drama titled The Morning Show.  Apple didn’t reveal a premiere date, but the show will have at least two seasons.

This will be Jennifer’s first big recurring TV role since her Friends days. She will also be an executive producer on the series.

According to Variety, both Anniston and Witherspoon will be making major money for this new show. Racking in $1.1 million per episode. Both ladies will earn more that $20 million for their work.  Carrell is reportedly going to be making $600,00 per episode. Not a bad gig.

Apple is sinking more than $1 billion in to new programing for it’s upcoming streaming network, according to the New York Times.

Jennifer Aniston Making A Big Comeback To TV With Reese Witherspoon