Empire‘s most infamous actor was spotted cruising through L.A. yesterday in a black SUV. Jussie Smollett was pictured behind the wheel as his brother rode shotgun.

Even though the Chicago DA let Jussie off with nothing more than a wrist slap for his alleged racist attack lies. The actor has been getting skewered by the LGBTQ community, as well as most of Hollywood.

Smollett became the joke of the night at the NAACP Awards when Chris Rock laid into him. Rock joked about calling him Jessie from now on, because the “U” shows respect, and he doesn’t have that for Jussie any longer. Chris really hit hard saying Smollett is a waste of light skin.

Seems as though Jussie’s family is sticking by the embattled actor through everything. We’ve spotted his brothers by his side a few times, most notably at LAX a few days ago when he arrived in town.

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Jussie has been stedfast with his denial of involvement or lying about the case. However, the DA did everything except flat out say ‘We know Jussie is a liar, but we are letting him go anyway.’

For now the fate of Jussie character on Empire is up in the air. They finished filming the season and producers will now have a few months to decide whether to keep him or not.

If his goal was to get more famous, at least we can all agree that was accomplished.

Jussie Smollett Makes First Public Appearance since Horrific Assault