One Direction could be considered The Beatles of the millennial generation and it’s that immense popularity that led Niall Horan to want to escape it all.

The former band member has opened up about life after One Direction and says he is enjoying every second of it.

Niall looked handsome and carefree as he walked around London sipping on a cup of coffee.  He was seen in a white tee, blue slacks, Converse white sneakers while carrying a blue plaid jacket.

On an interview with the Australian 60 Minutes, he opened up about the perils of fame and how he felt robbed of his adolescence since he couldn’t step outside the door without being mobbed.

‘You sold 17 million records… and traveling the world but how much of it did you actually get to see?’, Niall answers, ‘not much to be honest’.

He continued, ‘that is always the bit that I struggle with.  I was 18 [years] all I wanted to do was if I was in Sydney I wanted to go to the Harbour Bridge.  I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and Paris.  I’ve probably driven past the Eiffel Tower about a billion times and I was under it for the first time about four weeks ago’.

The host asks, ‘because you couldn’t have done that?’, Neill answers, ‘you just can’t get out the door, it’s pretty much simple as that!’

Shirtless Niall Horan Enjoys the Brazilian View

That inability to live their lives to the fullest is what led 1D to split after performing five years together.

‘At the end of it, we were just like, we’re tired…we’ve been doing it since we were 16-17 years old and we were just like right everyone let’s just chill out for a while.’

In reality, what Horan craved was the simple life.

‘I’ve traveled the world and private jets and five-star hotels and I just couldn’t just wait to just blow it all out the window and do it properly.’

To do so, Neill went on a backpacking trip across Asia after the band took a hiatus from fame and stayed in some less-than-perfect hostels like a normal person.

‘You’d be surprised in Asia what you get 20-30 quid ($40) a night so that’s what we were doing,’ he revealed with a huge grin, ‘we stayed in some dodgy spots.’

But just because the former One Direction member is enjoying his simple life doesn’t mean he doesn’t like hitting the stage.  For him, it’s about being connected to his fans and playing the music he loves – ‘I just love being on stage, anyone that knows me will tell you that.’

Shirtless Niall Horan Relaxes Poolside in Cabo After Confirming Collab with Shawn Mendes