Keanu Reeves wears a business suit paired with a backward hat as he is en route to meet with Sao Paulo‘s governor Joao Doria in Brazil.

The Matrix star is in town to speak with the Brazilian governor about a futuristic science-fiction project to be filmed in the city of Sao Paulo.

In true Keanu fashion, the actor wore a backward cap with his grey business suit and instead of wearing a button-up shirt he wore a grey tee.  He paired his cool guy look with large square black sunglasses and brown suede shoes.

He exited his hotel with a gold folder and Evian water in hand as he met with the governor to talk about the show that has already begun filming in Los Angeles, Nairobi, BudapestKenya, and Berlin.

The meeting went well for Reeves, as ABC News confirms the governor’s office said ‘The Matrix star could start shooting his science fiction project as soon as June’.

When it comes to his movies, the seasoned actor doesn’t screw around.

A video recently released of him training for John Wick 3 with a seasoned Navy SEAL show how serious he is about his craft.


Keanu has laser focus as he listens to the NAVY Seal explain how to handle his weapon around tight corners.

John Wick 3 will also star Halle Berry and is due to hit theaters on May 17, 2019.